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to prevent last time ...

2013-03-06 21:14:55 by DeityDarkLink

i here by state that the art for my profile are not my own, i wish they were tho ...

yeah ...

2013-03-06 21:08:32 by DeityDarkLink

yeah, that was years ago ... now ... im slowly moving on after what happend to my roommates

ill keep you posted on things ... when i can

change is coming

2011-09-22 18:45:51 by DeityDarkLink

got adobe web cs5 for a great price

so ill be making some sooner or later

waiting for fiance to get home

and soon it shall be done

MOAR? you got it

2011-07-06 11:48:39 by DeityDarkLink

come on people, i welcome you to comment on my pics, please?

logo looks pretty sweet right? comments welcome on the photo

tho its only the begining...

if only wade would scout me, i would provide some flash with the logo

come on wade, tho its only truly done by me

more is to come, just you wait



good bit uploaded

2011-01-30 07:06:41 by DeityDarkLink

now we have to wait

more shall come

waiting to be scouted

2011-01-28 06:58:47 by DeityDarkLink

tick tock tick tock, will up load more later